Christmas Events 2023
Christmas Events 2023

As the narrow streets of Athens overflow with life and the melodies of live music, visitors from all over the world seek entertainment that can transmit to them the Christmas spirit and touch their hearts, evoking emotions of excitement and warmth!

The Athens Concert Hall in the city center organizes events and musical performances that can satisfy the needs of all ages and a variety of preferences. For adults and couples, performances like 'Christmas Eve in Paris,' 'The Great Vienna,' and 'Heindel's Messiah' are recommended. If you desire a contemplative and classic Christmas performance, Urania Gasio will once again be present at the Athens Concert Hall on 23/12/23.

After the festive table at home with the family, what could be more beautiful than ending the day by attending a family performance that will become a warm memory for your children in the future? Such shows include 'Scrooge' featuring Panos Mouzourakis at the Christmas Theatre and 'Anastasia the Musical' starring Demy at the Pallas Theatre.

Embrace the joyous melodies, create cherished memories, and revel in the magic of this holiday season!