Ancient Agora of Athens
Ancient Agora of Athens

Location: Between Thiseio and Monastiraki on the pedestrian street of Adrianos.


Just a few meters away from Thiseio and Monastiraki we come across the Ancient Agora of Athens. A very large open space where it "hosts" ancient monuments such as the Temple of Hephaestus or the stoa of Attalus.


The Agora in ancient times served as the heart of Athens. It served as a political, cultural, educational, economic and commercial center. In the past it had suffered countless material disasters and looting such as those caused during the Greco-Persian War and the Greek Revolution of 1821. However, despite the material damage, it has largely preserved its foundations and its structural design is well distinguished.


A "barium" of great historical and cultural value for the city of Athens, the Agora is a place you should visit during your stay in Athens.