Lycabettus Hill
Lycabettus Hill

A major attraction for thousands of visitors over the years is the Lycabettus Hill.

It is located just a few minutes from the city centre and specifically next to Kolonaki. The stone giant of Athens has served many purposes over the years. A venue for events, concerts and theatrical performances, an air force base and even a stone quarrying centre for the purpose of rebuilding Athens. Today, it maintains the role of the Panorama of Athens, an observatory from where you can see the whole basin.

On the ascent, either by vehicle or on foot, you will encounter the Lycabettus parking lot, where you can enjoy the incredible view while feeling that all of Athens is at your feet. Near the parking area, Lycabettus also houses a restaurant so you can enjoy the view while dining with your loved one. If you continue the climb and head towards the top of the hill, you will end up at the chapel of Agios Georgios, a point from where again the whole Attica basin is discernible.

An alternative way to get to the top is to take the cable car. The starting point is at the junction of Plutarchou and Aristippou streets in Kolonaki and ends at the chapel of Agios Georgios.

Lycabettus is an attraction of great historical value for our city that we highly recommend to visitors , close to the city center and above all easily accessible.