Hadrian's Gate
Hadrian's Gate

Location: Right in front of the Olympeiio, easily accessible to the world, is proud for centuries. (Connection of Olga and Amalia avenues)

It was built by the inhabitants of the city of Athens themselves in order to honor the Phil-athinee and Phil-hellenic emperor Hadrian. Hadrian himself passed under the Gate to attend the inauguration of the Temple of Olympian Zeus. The Corinthian gate was the landmark of the separation of the old city of Athens and the new district founded by Hadrian. In fact, above the arch, everyone will see the inscription "Aid'esin Adrianou k'ouhi Theseus polis", which means that "from here is the city of Hadrian and not Theseus". On the west side of the gate, the inscription states "Aid'esin Athens, Theseus i prin polis", which means, from here is Athens, the previous city of Theseus.