The Greek Parliament
The Greek Parliament

The imposing building of the Greek Parliament has a long history that is directly related to the history of the modern Greek state. It was originally the Palace of Otto and George, which was transformed a century after its construction into a Parliament and Senate Building.

Today it is the Greek Parliament, a timeless symbol that is part of the collective memory. The building itself over the years has changed, adapted, modernized. Right next to the Palace building, with the personal care of Amalia, the Royal Garden was formed, which covered the area that has to this day. The planting of the garden was commissioned in the late 1840s by the French gardener François Louis Barrot, who designed the interior network of the streets and determined the shape and location of its decorative elements, buildings, water areas and enclosures.

Since 1975, the necessary works have been carried out for the modernization and technological upgrade of the building. The aim is the best possible operation of the services, by utilizing the possibilities offered by the new technologies, the modern tools and the upgraded equipment.